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Global Expansion:
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GEC 2023 returns to London on 3-4 May 2023. The most influential Global Expansion event in the world, we will showcase the changemakers and global innovators impacting the future of work and cross-border business as we know it. The conference will feature thought leadership from the brightest minds and uncover breakthrough technologies that are helping companies to succeed on the global stage.

The Centuro Global Expansion Conference is Centuro Global's landmark annual event, bringing together a community of visionaries and leaders. Delegates include the leaders of global businesses , investors, HR, Legal and other professionals as well as government officials from every corner of the globe.

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What to Expect

The Global Expansion Conference brings together influential business leaders from around the world for two days to discuss how companies are transforming their leadership and business models into the future, including sustainability, workforce of the future, ethical leadership, the role of technology including ChatGPT, Metaverse, and AI, and investments into 2023 and beyond.

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Ali Parsa will share his journey as the founder of one of the fastest-growing digital health companies in the world. From building the product to scaling and going public, Mr Parsa will provide insights into the future of AI-powered digital health and what the impact will be for everyone in the future.

Topic 1


Inspiring and amplifying voices for a better world – the next generation of young leaders share their stories of how they are impacting the world through climate change and social impact.

Topic 2


The global landscape is becoming increasingly unpredictable with shifting alliances and tensions between countries. CEOs are having to navigate complex regulations and tariffs while balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders. Our panel will share their expertise on the potential challenges for CEOs on an international level in 2023.

Topic 3


The Next Generation Workforce will be more diverse, tech savvy, flexible and purpose driven with a need for continuous learning and upskilling to remain competitive in the job market. They will want to seek new opportunities and companies that offer growth and development as well as those that align with their social values that make a positive impact. We will explore this topic with our specialist speakers on how they are succeeding in attracting top talent.

Topic 4


Companies need to have ESG as a fundamental part of their overall business strategy and long-term sustainability. ESG factors are increasingly seen as indicators of a company's risk management practices and are usually regarded as fulfilling its responsibility and making a positive contribution to social and environmental outcomes. Our experts will discuss the importance of this conversation and how to help retain investors, customers and employees.

Topic 5


Heading towards a fully immersive and interactive virtual world, there are significant ways this will impact companies and their workforce. Our panel will discuss the impact of the metaverse, regulatory risk of what is to come and how companies need to adapt and evolve to take advantage of the opportunities this new technology presents.

Topic 6


Legislation in the era of deep tech- with powerful new technologies emerging, is the world fracturing in regulatory zones? What are the risks for unregulated technology and what role do corporates have in driving positive change? Our experts will tackle cryptocurrency to AI-bias in the future of business regulations and proposed legislative rules underway in Europe, the US and China.

Topic 7


As companies adapt to the new way of working there has been a meteoric rise in the billion-dollar employer of record industry, where a third party takes on the employment-related risks instead of using their own entities for their remote employees. With so many pros and cons of hiring directly vs EOR, we will explore the factors in making these decisions. Each expert will battle it out as to the potential drawbacks and benefits for companies adopting each model as well as discuss how compliance and cost-effectiveness can be managed for a new generation workforce.

IntX Awards 2023 & Formal Dinner



In a world where many believe Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionise businesses and the economy, we explore what organisations need to change to leverage what is arguably one of the biggest new opportunities in doing international business.

Topic 1


Interactive workshops with industry experts will discuss how to land and expand in these complex regions and share opportunities and challenges of investing and growing companies to countries such as China, India, South Korea, Nigeria, Ghana and many more.

Topic 2


International companies that are part of the right networked ecosystem are better positioned to drive innovation and capital efficiency to create customer value. How will the future ecosystems shape the global economy.

Topic 3


Employee experience is becoming increasingly important and global mobility and HR teams need to ensure a positive journey for the entire lifecycle. With changing immigration laws and regulations, and talent shortages, Global mobility teams are presented with new opportunities and challenges to align the GM function with DE&I and sustainability initiatives, design remote work policies and strategies, and consider the employer duty of care element across multiple organisational stakeholders. How are companies adapting to these issues and leveraging the pivotal position of the GM function?



The Speakers

We’re bringing you industry-leading international speakers. Stay tuned as we start to announce our experts. If you would like to apply to speak at the Centuro Global Expansion Conference 2023, please register below:

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Dr. Ali Parsa

Founder & CEO
Babylon Health

Dr. Ali Parsa is a true pioneering spirit and heads one of the world’s most innovative companies, Babylon.

Andrea C. Martin

PRS for Music

Andrea is a recognised leader and people and industry transformation specialist. She is currently PRS for Music’s first female chief executive in its 109-year history.

Simon Massie-Taylor

Chief Executive Officer
Premiership Rugby

Simon Massie-Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer of Premiership Rugby. He joined from the RFU, where he spent five years as chief commercial and marketing officer.

Juliet Slot

Chief Commercial Officer
Arsenal F.C

Julie is a commercial strategic leader with 30 years of experience mainly in the business of sports.

Oliver Stratton

Chief Executive Officer
Arrow Professional Services

Oliver is a senior C-Suite executive with a breadth of international business leadership, investment banking and legal advisory experience, operating at Exco and Board level.

Kobi Ampoma

Director of Talent Acquisition

Kobi Ampoma is an HR professional with 21 years of experience working for international companies across various industries.

Dr Mimi Zou

Director of Studies in Law
University of Oxford

Dr Mimi Zou is a member of the World Economic Forum Experts Network in the areas of China, Justice, and Blockchain.

Daniel Hulme


Daniel Hulme is a globally recognised expert in AI and investor in Emerging Technologies. He's the CEO of Satalia, an award-winning company that provides AI innovations for global brands.

Nicole Anderson

Founder & CEO

Nicole is currently the CEO of MEND HR Solutions and President of MEND Recruiting, a human resources solution and recruiting firm based in West Palm Beach, Fla., USA.

Hugo Pinto

Chief Revenue Officer
Filament AI

Hugo is an accomplished leader in the digital and data spaces, with 20+ years of experience building successful teams and driving growth for global businesses.

Nina Jane Patel

Co-founder & VP of Metaverse Research

A psychotherapist and doctoral scholar Patel’s thesis is researching the physiological and psychological impact of the Metaverse.

Mina Wasfi

Head of Career Development

Mina has 12+ years of experience in Human Development and has trained thousands of senior leaders, mid-level managers, and employees across 9 markets.

Sabine VanderLinden

CEO & Managing Partner
Alchemy Crew

Sabine is a corporate strategist turned entrepreneur renowned for growing top tech startup accelerators globally.

Uthish Ranjan

Principal Investor
Octopus Ventures

Uthish has had an incredible career so far. First as an investor in Dubai and Singapore, before working at Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank. In 2018, he joined Octopus Ventures and sits on their B2B Software team.

Nick Robeson

Managing Partner, UK & Ireland

Nick Robeson is a leader in executive recruitment industry. He is currently the managing partner at Boyden.

Lynne Mecca

Senior Manager International Mobility
PVH Corp

With more than 15 years in the Global Mobility industry, Lynne is committed to employee experience excellence, strategic vision, process efficiency, and tax & immigration compliance.

Tracey Shelley

Chief Executive & CS

Tracey is the first female and non-industry employee to be appointed to the role of CEO at BCECA with 20+ years’ experience at a senior level.

Chris Watson


Chris Watson has worked in technology, communications, and competition law in the UK and France for 30 years and is regarded as one of the world’s leading communications law experts.

Bettina Offer

Offer & Mastmann Rechtsanwälte PartG

Bettina has 18 years of experience as an immigration attorney specialising in large volume assignments to Germany.

Giles Swan

Head of European Policy

Giles has over 20 years of experience in financial services experience as a regulator and policymaker.

Peter Knight

Head of Global Mobility

Peter is a dynamic professional with more than 17 years of experience in dealing with the complexities of moving people around the world.

Natalie Korneitsik

TV Presenter

A TV and Media personality, she has lived and worked in more than eight countries, She is the MC and host for the conference.

Stephen Bloch

Innovation Warehouse Capital Partnership

A Partner and business consultant at Innovation Warehouse Capital Partnership in London, leading on investment and strategy for technology entrepreneurs and investors.

Anna Gillard

HR Business Partner
UK&I, Alfa Laval

Anna has over 20 years experience working in large corporates such as Marks & Spencer and more recently with Alfa Laval.

Parag Gogate

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

A senior strategy & innovation leader with over 26 years of international experience across Sustainability, Mobility and Education.

Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski

Executive Director, AlgoDynamix

Dr. Sosabowski is CEO at AlgoDynamix, an AI forecasting analytics company providing hours or days advance warning of major directional market movements.

Neil Montgomery

Founding and Managing Partner
Montgomery & Associados

Neil is a dual national (British/Brazilian) with more than two decades of experience practicing business law in Brazil.

Asma Bashir

Co Founder
Centuro Global

With over 20 years experience in the space of global expansion, Asma helps companies in set up expansion & operations, worldwide.

Zain Ali

Centuro Global

Zain specialises in helping scaling companies "Go Global" at a rapid pace as well as a super connector to experts around the world.

Anthony Burns

Chief Operating Officer
ACS Clothing

Anthony Burns is a recognised champion of sustainability. His work aims to transform the industry into a more sustainable place by facilitating circular business models.

Caritta Seppa

COO & Co-Founder
Tespack Ltd.

Caritta Seppa is the co-founder and COO at Tespack, a company specialising in developing mobile energy solutions for off-grid use, currently working with the United Nations, Audi and Ernst & Young.

Christopher Hall

Managing Director
Global Tax Network

Chris joined GTN in 2009 and serves as Managing Director for the Atlantic. He has over 25 years of expatriate tax experience, having worked with Deloitte in New York and Canada and Arthur Andersen in the US and UK.

Juan Felipe Bustamante

Bustamante Fabara

Juan Felipe is a legal expert in successfully introducing several new markets to Ecuador.

Juan Daniel Rodríguez

Managing Director
Rodríguez Rueda, S.C.

Daniel Rodriguez is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, International Bar Association and Barra Mexicana, Colegio De Abogados, A.C.

Sandra Arthur

Associate Director, HR & Global Mobility

Sandra is an experienced HR and Global Mobility professional with a demonstrated history of working in corporate environments.

Arun (Ernie) Nagratha

Managing Director, Global Mobility Services
Trowbridge Professional Corporation

Arun Nagratha is a Canadian chartered professional accountant, specialising in expatriate taxation as it relates to Canadians living and working around the world.

Guil Hastings

Founder & Non-Executive Director
TopSource Worldwide

Guil is the founder and Non-Executive of TopSource and has led the business for 20 years as CEO. He has extensive business leadership and commercial experience in domestic and international payroll.

Jess Romano

Senior Director, Head of Global Partnerships

Jess Romano is an expert on growth collaborations led partner programs with multinational corporations.

Viktoria Ruubel

Managing Director & VP Digital Identity

Viktoria Ruubel has 20+ years of experience in scale-ups and tech innovators across multiple continents and markets.

Adam Watts

Venture Capital Investor
Mercia Asset Management

Adam is a venture capital investor, who sits on the board of a number of software businesses.

Colin Tan

Director Of Operations
TusPark Holdings UK

Colin Tan is an entrepreneur, investor and Director of Operations for the first international TusPark (TUS) owned by TusPark Holdings, China’s largest tech ecosystem.

Khadeeja Islam

Head of Global Mobility

Khadeeja has over 15 years’ experience in Global Mobility and is currently heading up the Global Mobility function for the Aggreko groups

Jules Buker


Forbes 30 Under 30 Serial entrepreneur, Jules has worked in the venture capital and angel-investment markets, having assisted over 20 businesses to raise finance.

Ann Ellis

CEO and Co-founder
The Mauve Group of Companies

Ann Ellis is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the multinational company Mauve, operating in 64 countries and more.

Nicola “Nick” Rosa

Metaverse Strategy Lead Europe & Growth Markets

Nicola “Nick” Rosa is a futurist, creative technologist, and digital transformation strategist, who is now part of Accenture in their Metaverse Continuum Business Group.

Giulia Marzetti

European Commission

Giulia is a female in engineering and an engineer in government for the European Commission, and a policy officer in sustainability and cutting-edge technologies.

Guy Battle

Chief Executive Officer
Social Value Portal

Guy Battle works cross-industry on developing sustainability solutions for businesses that deliver real and tangible value.

Denes Robert Fantasny

Metaverse onboarder for enterprises

Denes Fantasny experience in social media and web3 trends helps companies transition safely into this new 3-dimensional extension of the internet.

Tolani Azeez

Executive Director for the Global Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Fluor Corporation

Tolani Azeez has more than 17 years of project management experience in international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) lump sum and reimbursable projects.

Nicholas Russell

Serial Entrepreneur

Nicholas Russell is a serial entrepreneur and advisor. He works with corporates, founders, governments, and investors on building high-growth technology companies and related ecosystems and policy environments.

Maitham Gulamhussein

Growth Equity Investing
Goldman Sachs

Maitham is a Venture Capital & Growth Equity Investor at Goldman Sachs and has a wealth of experience behind him.

Priti Patel

Principal Engineer
Aker Solutions

A Chartered Principal Process Engineer at Aker Solutions with over 25 years of international experience working in Oil and Gas Project with various global clients.

Adrian Sutton

Vortex IoT

As the co-founder and commercial head of the business, Adrian Sutton runs Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Vortex.

Spandana Palaypu

Founder & CEO

Spandana is the founder of ZoEasy, an award-winning UAE-based social enterprise that matches blue-collar job seekers with ethical employment opportunities using transparent hiring processes.

Richard Watts-Joyce

Founding Partner
Global Tax Network

Richard is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the UK office of Global Tax Network, where he assists employers with globally mobile employees, high net worth individuals, non domiciles and professional sportspersons and entertainers with international tax planning and compliance.

Alice Olafare

Community Lead
Kindred Capital VC

Alice is one of the primary points of contact for founders and operators within the fund and wider Kindred network.

Lisa Jones

Corporate Partnership Teams

Lisa is well-known in the industry, having worked with B2B clients across Europe.

Darrell Swanson


Darrell has established himself as a subject matter expert regarding electric aviation and how it will lead to a future of distributed aviation.

Saifali Patel

Senior HR Business Partner

Saifali has over 20 years of HR expertise and is passionate about D&I. She was a member of the advisory board for the Society of Women Engineers and currently serves as chair of the Bechtel D&I council.

Ömer Özkan


Omer's foresight and unwavering belief in the potential of the microbiome led him to focus on Enbiosis. Currently, he holds the position of Founder and Chairman of the Board of Enbiosis Biotechnology.

Muki Kulhan

CIO, Executive XR Producer & Creative Tech Analyst

Muki is an award-winning Executive XR/MetaTech Producer & Creative Technologist with 20+ years of pioneering innovative, interactive & immersive experiences for music, sport, broadcasting and tech innovation.

Leading Figures Who Have Attended GEC

Ronan Dunne

Strategic Advisor to Verizon Communications CEO

As a strategic advisor to the CEO Hans Vestberg. he focuses on key growth initiatives to maximize the potential of Verizon’s investments.

Caroline Gorski

Group Director
Rolls Royce

Caroline Gorski is responsible for the strategic change in artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Mike Azlen

Carbon Cap

He manages climate change impact fund that invests across multiple compliance carbon markets.

Kate Robertson

Co Founder
One Young World

Kate Robertson is Co Founder of One Young World, that provides a platform to leaders from over 196 countries to make a change globally.

Martin Thaysen

Group CEO
EAC Invest

Martin is an internationally experienced CEO of large multinational businesses with focus on leadership for the next generation of CEOs.

Areiel Walonow

MD, Finserv Experts

Areiel is a globally recognized thought leader who advises central banks and regulators, and finance ministries around the world. He also advises the UK Parliament on blockchain and AI, and has addressed the G20.

Russ Shaw CBE

Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates

One of the most influential people in the world Russ held senior positions at Skype, Telefónica, O2 before founding Tech London Advocates.

Kelly Hawken

Head, People & Culture

Kelly is responsible for developing a business aligned people strategy to drive employee engagement, capability and performance.

Syrus Lohrasb

Founder and CEO

Former CFO at multinational level, Syrus runs a multi-discipline consultancy with AI opportunities as the main area of focus. Syrus is also the founder of the inaugural China-Britain AI Summit.

Douglas Dong Tao

VP & CRO of Invest Shanghai

Douglas has over 20 years government experience and over 10 years with UNIDO. He represents Invest Shanghai is a highly experienced investment expert.

Robert Reeves

Commercial Contracts
ENI Progetti

Rob is an expert in risk and compliance in global supply chain and manages commercial contracts identifying operational gains and efficiencies.

Dr Riam Kanso

Founder & CEO
Conception X

Dr Riam Kanso founder of Conception X, DPhil Neuroscience, University of Oxford, working in deep tech entrepreneurship at Cambridge and UCL.

Allan Chou


An investor focussing on robotics, AI, IOT and big data with experience in US government and strong champion for sustainable development

Roni Savage

Jomas Associates

Chartered Engineer & Geologist & most inspirational innovative woman building a business in a male dominated industry.

Xiaodong Zhang

Agile Think Tank

He has been engaged in the R&D and application practice of data technology, digital economy, innovation and entrepreneurship and enterprise informatization for 30+ years.

Todd Harrison

Global Talent Acquisition Director

Todd has over 20 years of HR and Talent Management experience and has led recruitment strategy including global processes across multiple jurisdictions.

Catherine Bryn-Hussey

Global Mobility Manager at Sky

She works with the Sky team and has held the role of Global Mobility Manager for the last 3 years. Catherine is based in Hounslow, England, United Kingdom and attended Solent University.

Gilberto Silva

Former Professional Footballer

He is a former footballer who played on Brazil's 2002 World Cup-winning team, and is one of the Arsenal Invincibles, the team's 2003–2004 squad.

Tim Chase

Founder & CEO

He is the founder of TruChallenge, a platform that engages your fans, grows your audience (46%) and it’s engagements (243%) and gives you usable data on your fans.

Corina Balaneanu

Innovation Partnership

Corina is the founder of IP, a membership organisation that showcases innovation case studies and connects Chairs/NEDs/CxOs with cutting edge startups.

Professor Yu Xiong

Chief Scientific Advisor

A member of advisory board of All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain, Professor Xiong is also the chief scientific advisor to PIXIE.

Mark Logan

Member Of Parliament at House of Commons

Mark Logan is a member of Parliament for the Conservative Party and a vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on China.

Daniel de Kock

Vice President HR
MEA, India & APAC, Kent

He is a committed HR Professional with significant experience of HR best practices across various regions including Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa, Europe and Canada.

Lorena Farias

Innovation Council UK

Lorena Farias has more than 15 years of experience in the field of innovation, including work to bridge new technologies and urban development.

Michal Ukropec

CEO, Twinzo

He is a serial entrepreneur in the world of digital technology. More recently his three-dimensional live digital "Twinzo" is conquering the manufacturing world with companies such as Skoda, Securitas, Mondelez & Whirlpool.

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Executive Chair, MKAI

Richard Foster-Fletcher Chairs the MKAI inclusive Artificial Intelligence Community and leads the MKAI Centre for Digital Trust.

Tony Dullaghan-Stone

Director - GM
Gerson Relocation

Tony is the current Director - General Manager at Gerson Relocation and has successfully led his team through the challenges of both Brexit and Covid-19.

Zeeshan Khan

HR Programme Manager
EMEA, Klaviyo

He is an experienced people and organisation strategy professional with a proven track record of developing and delivering HR solutions that drive business performance.

Claire Fielding

Global Mobility Lead

Claire Fielding is an ACA qualified Manager with over 2 years in house mobility and immigration experience within the gaming and tech sector.

Mike Charalambous

CEO, Threedium

Mike is a passionate entrepreneur with international experience in the launch and development growth of new innovative businesses.

Majed H. Alsaadi

Ministry of Investment

Majed is responsible for accelerating growth for Vision 2030 Saudi Arabia and working with the Royal Commission in Riyadh.

Tim Clement-Jones CBE

Member, House Of Lords

Lord Clement-Jones is a Liberal Democrat Peer and their spokesman for Digital in the House of Lords.

Arnold Ma

CEO, Qumin

Arnold Ma is a speaker, a writer, and the founder of Qumin, Europe's first Chinese digital creative agency. His bigger purpose in life is to ‘Open The World To China’.

Teresa Gordon

Shareholder - International Leader
Clayton & McKervey

Leading her firm’s international practice, Teresa has a reputation for being both consultative & responsive to clients in need of her expertise.

Steve Burson

CEO, Relo Network Asia

Steve Burson helps to create mobility solutions that professionally help people with their relocations to and from Asia to assist in the globalization of Asia.

Faraz Khan

SEED Ventures

Faraz Khan is a multi-stakeholder investment and impact specialist, author, and founder of SEED ventures in Pakistan.

Jean Martin

Senior Partner, Global Head of Product, GBS & Career, Mercer

Jean has an advanced background in Analytics, Econometrics and Machine Learning and is applying those actively to modernise Mercer’s extensive array of products and solutions for the future of work.

Abdulaziz Almizani

Royal Commission, Riyad City

Abdulaziz Almizani’s career spanning 18 years with Saudi Aramco and Ministry of Energy in Sustainability. He recently joined The Royal Commission for Riyadh City.

Marie O’neill

MD, Executive Expatriate Relocations

Marie has first-hand knowledge of expatriate experience, innovative strategic thinking with unrivalled track record in relocation, immigration services and marketing.

Khody Damestani

Clinical Therapist & Co-Founder, MyMindPal

Khody oversees the continual development of the psychological content that underpins the strategies, techniques and interventions that feature in MyMindPal’s product offering.

Jason Blyth

Director & Founder, MyMindPal

Jason is connected to a number of the world’s leading experts in the fields of psychology and behavioural science, as well as having access to multiple brand ambassadors and public figures.

Dr Keming Zhou

Founder & MD, August International Digital Tele-Health Solution

Dr Zhou - August International Digital Tele-Health Solution will launch the world first Mobile IoT Vital Sign Watch which is an ideal device for Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Mark Hedley

VP, Talent Recruiting, Globalization Partners

Mark Hedley is Vice President of Talent Recruiting for Globalization Partners. In this role Mark works with Customers and Partners to help them to grow their businesses through global expansion and access to global remote talent.

Dinesh Jangra

Partner & Head of Global Mobility Services, Crowe UK

Dinesh has more than 19 years of experience in providing cross-border technical advice and assistance in the deployment of talent by all sizes of global organisations.

Imraan Arbee

Founder, RB Partners

Imraan founded RB Partners in 2012. He specialises in executive searches across the C-Suite & leadership roles both in the UK and internationally; predominately within Private Equity and VC backed businesses.

Debbie Whitmore

Human Resources Director
McDermott International

Debbie has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. During her career she has been responsible for talent acquisition, global operations, executive recruitment and employee relations.

Nicholas Littlewood

Head of Asian Investments
Rosecastle Capital

Nicholas is an experienced senior international investment banker, company director and developer of businesses.


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